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Cable tray forming machine introduction

Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science&Tecnology Co.,Ltd is the most professional machine manufacturing cable tray of the jiangsu region one of the best suppliers. Technological process: passive feeding, forming, punching, cutting, receiving station
Second, the equipment technical requirements:
1. the equipment area: 20 x 3.5 x 2.5 meters (length x width x height).
2.equipment, feed direction: left to right.
3.380, 50 Hz voltage parameters, 3 phase.
4.gas source: flow of 0.7 m3 / min; Pressure is 0.6 MPa. 46 #
5.hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil. 18 #
6.gear oil, hyperbolic gear oil.
7.he motor capacity: about kw. Three main technical parameters, equipment
    1)processing and strip width: 300 mm or less
    2)equipment, processing of plate thickness: 2.5 mm or less
    3)workpiece length: 2000 ~ 6000 mm
    4)equipment installed gross capacity: about 17 KW.
    5)rolling product range: this unit stamped a one-time profiles of punching, forming, cutting process.
    6)specifications: 100 #; 150 #; 200 #
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