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Wallboard molding machine forming mechanism and production process

Forming mechanism of: Using the template (mould) molding: commonly used method of the model template cavity forming, die template molding, extrusion molding. Process characteristics: the model method of forming advantages: wallboard artifacts more surface in the casting mould cavity geometry accuracy;
Disadvantages: pouring more flat die complex, request the homogeneous degree of the mixing slurry is better;
Advantage: production of a variety of different materials of composite wallboard, accurate positioning, high precision, can use a variety of distributed (net) form.
The method of molding advantage: die template is simple, low cost, is the model production, easy pouring slurry;
Weakness: the forming accuracy compared with the model one molding surface accuracy is poorer, cloth reinforcement (net) is a bit poor precision;
Advantage: synthesis of plate production line, low investment, production is relatively flexible.
Advantages: extrusion sheet production of high compactness, high efficiency than other process;
Weakness: the production sheet geometry is a bit poor, distributed (net) than other process is a bit poor, unable to produce composite plate;
Advantage: production of prestressed member. Plate molding materials: the main use of lightweight plank mix slurry through into the template (cavity).
Production process: The model method: stir ingredients - cloth (injection template) - curing molding to finished product release.
Flat membrane process: stir ingredients - web - paving material material - web - processing molding surface - maintenance - finished product release.
Ecap process: stir ingredients - cloth (slurry into the extrusion cavity) - the screw extrusion - maintenance - cutting
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