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(0.3~1.2mm)×1250mm Automatic High-Precision Slitting / Cut-to-length Combination Machine


     1.   Basic technical parameters of the slitter/CTL machine

a)Material of coils: pre-painted  coils or galanized steel etc

b) coil thickness range: 0.3


c) coil width: 250


d) Inner diameter of coils: Φ450mm--Φ520mm

e) Outer diameter of coils: maxΦ1000mm.

f) Max. coil weight: 5,000Kgs

2. Working process for slitter line

Coil car loadingsingle head uncoiling---Strip-aligning2+7 levelling and film covering unit- Disc slitting-scrap recoiler --encoder-motorized cutting machinelifting/lower auto-stacker Pre-separator--- tensioner-coil Recoiling——Coils discharging——Hydraulic control——Electric control 

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