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0.3-3 x1600mm High-speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine



The slitting machine is also called vertical slitting line which are used to slit cold rolled steel coil,hot rolled steel coil,galvanized steel coil,silicone steel coil,stainless steel coil,aluminum coils etc into different width according to the user’s production demands and cut as well.

The smaller metal strips or coils are recoiled at the end of the slitting machine by which  these smaller strips coils are used  necessarily for the next process usage in the professional field of making transformers,motors making industry,tube/pipe welding mill industry,Cold roll forming  industry, ceiling drywall industry  and other high-precision equipment making and metal strips making industries. 

According to the material slitting thickness there are thin plate or board slitting machine,media-thickness plate or board slitting machine and thick plate or board slitting machine.

According to the metal materials there are copper coil slitting machine,stainless steel coil slitting machine,cold or hot rolled coil slitting machine,silicone steel coil slitting machine.

1.Basic specification of the steel coil:

1 Steel coil material:common carbon steel,galvanized steel or pre-painted steel

2 Coil thickness:0.3mm--3mm

3 coil diameter:max 2100mm

4 Coil width500mm---1600mm

5 Coil inner diameter:≥508

6. Coil weight:max 20T

Technical specifications of the complete slitting machine:

1 The Material of available coils: apply for carbon steel ,cold rolled or hot rolled steel ,galvanized steel coil

2Thickness of the coils: 0.3—3mm;

3Width of the slitting coils:max 1600mm

4.Precision of slitting width tolerance: ±0.03mm

5.Slitting speed: 0—80m/min(adjustable)

6.Loading capacity of uncoiler machine:20T

7.Coil Inner.Diameter: 460mm-610mm-760mm

8.Coil Outer.Diameter: max 2100mm

9.Slitting motor power:75kw DC motor

10.Recoiler motor power:90kw DC  motor

11.Slitting blades:D205mmxd305mmxT15

12.material of the slitting blades:Cr12Mov(SKD-11),Hardness of blade: HRC58°—60°

13.Min slitting width : ≥30mm

14.Slitting blade quantity: 22 pcs

15.Recoiler I.D: ф508mm/ф610mm

16.Power supply: 380V 50Hz,3Ph or 440V,60Hz,3ph

17.Total dimension:25mx6mx2m

17.Total consumption:200kw

Flow chart :

Hydraulic coil car---double mandrel decoiler—head-guiding&head shovel--2 rolls feeding and 3 rolls leveling --sheet head shearing machine---Pit(1)--deviation rectifying(sheet guiding)--slitting—side scrap recoiling—pit(2)---pre-seperator and damping tensioning machine---coil recoiling ---unloading coil car—--hydraulic control ---electrical control

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